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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is said to be the finest of the Ethiopian coffees. One or our best sellers, it is known for notes of floral, Honey, and Cherry. A daily tradition in Ethiopia is to gather for a Coffee Ceremony. This is a time of ceremony and community. Neighbors and relatives will gather to partake in the ritual and share the latest news and gospel over just roasted coffee brewed and poured from a pot called a Jebena.

The ceremony is typically performed by the woman and is considered to be an honor. She starts by spreading loose grass on the floor and adding small yellow flowers. The green coffee beans are then roasted over an open flame and ground in a wooden mortar and pestle. The roasting and grinding of the beans moments before brewing create an vibrant and smooth flavor.

The coffee is brewed by placing the grounds in a vessel of boiling water. This mixture is left to boil for a few minutes to mix the water and the coffee. Once the coffee is well mixed the liquid is strained through a sieve several times and returned to the pot. From there it is poured in ceremonial fashion into tiny cups laid out on a tray.

The coffee is served with sugar, salt, or butter. It is usually accompanied by a snack of popcorn.

Berhanu Asfaw, a restaurant owner in Los Angeles and an immigrant from Ethiopia describes coffee as a tradition that brings people together. It is about social engagement, friends, and conversation.

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